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Support the Journey

Support the Journey


Thank you so much for supporting Journey, the arts, and young, aspiring dancers, teachers, and choreographers. I believe if you are looking to help Journey, it is important you see what you are helping support for the years to come.


Journey Dance Connection has many ideas in the works to provide opportunties for young creatives, as well as students. The most recent event for Journey is, the Journey Dance Awards. The Journey Dance Awards is a choreography showcase for choreographers 24-years-old and younger. The showcase allows young creatives to present original choreography on stage, receive personal feedback from industry professionals, obtain footage of their work, all without ever having to pay. This event has been hosted in Southern California, and will be in New York in August.


Other ideas Journey have upcoming include a cross-country road trip with five teachers and one videographer teaching at studios along the way. The current plan is a 28-day trip taking the Northern route across America. The hope is to connect with new studios and providing teachers with new opportunities. 


In the future we hope to continue to connecting artistst with artists, artists with mentors, and artists with opportunities. 


Thank you again so much for looking to support Journey Dance Connection and all of our goals as we continue to grow. This company was started during the Pandemic when community was needed the most, and we will continue to stand by those ideas. 

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